The Process - Are you about to have your home inspected?

If your home is listed for sale with a Realtor and the buyer is requesting a home inspection, you will most likely be contacted by your Realtor to confirm the day and time for the inspection. An average home inspection will take 3-4 hours. Treat the home inspection, as if it is a typical showing. Expect the buyer to meet the inspector and tour the home during the last hour of the inspection.

If your home is not listed with a Realtor and you would like to arrange for a Pre-Listing Inspection, call us directly at 651-653-7111.

If you haven't already done so, consider the following:

Housekeeping -
In general, try to reduce excessive clutter, put things away. Be sure all valuables are put away. Expect photographs to be taken. Don't over stuff things into the cabinet under the kitchen or bath sink; the inspector will need to view pipes. Don't store items in the oven or dishwasher; the inspector will need to turn on appliances. Provide space on a table or counter for the inspector to plug in a laptop computer and printer.

Accessibility -
Make sure all areas of your home are accessible, especially the access to the attic and crawl space. Provide clear access to and around the furnace/boiler, water heater, electric panel(s), sump pump, main water and gas shut-off, etc. Provide keys or remote control for the garage. If you have a gas fireplace, be sure the pilot light is turned on, and if remote operated, leave the remote in an obvious location. If you have a skylight and use a special extended handle or remote control, leave them in an obvious location. If cars block access in the garage, consider moving them to the street, if possible.

Maintenance -
Repair common maintenance items such as loose doorknobs, leaky faucets, damaged doorbell button, missing outlet cover plates, dimmer control knobs, etc. Check basement light fixtures and be sure they have bulbs that turn on. Perform routine maintenance such as clean the central humidifier and air filter(s), replace smoke detector batteries if necessary, remove debris from window wells, etc.

If a buyer has requested the home inspection, it may be advisable for you to be away from the home during the inspection. However, we recognize that this is inconvenient for some people. If you are present during the inspection, please be aware and understand that the buyer will need a certain amount of privacy to speak openly with the inspector.